About Me

I am an American living in London for the past 20 years. Having done both English Literature and English history in college, it’s safe to say that I am an Anglophile.

So it was no surprise that when my law firm offered me an opportunity to work in their London office, I jumped at the chance. Or, that I married an Englishman and stayed years past my expected return to the USA. He shares my love of history and of travel.

We’ve traveled near and far both with and without our children. My general travel blog is called Just Go Places.

We’ve also travelled so much in London and England that I thought we should have this separate space to indulge in our love of England, travel and history.

Having lived here so many years do I consider myself British? Not really, even though I have the passport. The English have their own ways some of which I have yet to understand. 

Some things I have learned:

  • To know when I am insulted but not necessarily understand the insult or why
  • There’s a lot of different types of cream but none of them come in a can
  • Black cab drivers have an inexplicable love of Florida
  • what good cheese tastes like (but still appreciate American Kraft slices)

Still on my “to learn list”:

  • what exactly is brown sauce or salad cream and why does everyone love blackcurrant flavor?
  • when you see an ‘x’ at the end of a text apparently the conversation is over (what happens if you continue texting?? is there a sniff of disapproval or maybe a ‘hard stare’??)
  • how to identify anyone’s class and place of origin through their accent
  • the Royals are generally ignored but there’s a general acceptance of them, too (how can indifference and loyalty coexist?)

So, yes, it’s been a continual journey of exploration and learning.

We hope you find inspiration and information for planning that perfect dream trip to England and exploring all the epic places this country has to offer – whether its centuries old castles and stately homes, villages of chocolate-box cottages, or the elegance of afternoon tea perfectly presented and enjoyed at leisure.


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