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    The 21 Must-Have Experiences in England Every Visitor Should Have

    What should go on your England bucket list when there’s so much to do and see? In our opinion, every visitor should have these 21 must have experiences in England irrespective of their budget or travel style. You can do them even if you never leave London and visit the English countryside (which would be a shame in our opinion)! We have also included non touristy things to do in England so that you get a real flavour for how local people live. Royal Experiences in England The British Royal Family is probably one of the best known things about England. The Queen is beloved in her country and elsewhere.…

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    12 Cool Festivals in England That You Will Want to Attend

    You don’t have to travel around Christmas time to experience one of the best cultural celebrations in England! Year-round, there are great chances to celebrate, giving you the opportunity to turn a typical vacation into a truly unique experience. To help you plan your trip to coincide with these festivities, we’ve done some research to find the best holidays and folk festivals in England. Popular Festivals in England Jorvik Viking Festival This annual festival in York takes place in February and is considered one of the largest family-friendly Viking celebrations worldwide! Have fun dressing up in Viking attire, watch dramatic reenactments of Viking combat, and learn about Viking mythology in…