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    5 Fantastic Things to do in Truro Cornwall

    The southernmost city on the mainland, Truro in Cornwall England is a place of history and natural beauty. Things to do in Truro Cornwall include seeing the gorgeous Truro Cathedral and visiting The Royal Cornwall Museum. As the only city in Cornwall, the shopping in Truro is excellent. Outside the town center, be sure to check out the castles and gardens in Truro. Things to do in Truro Cornwall If you’re looking for things to do in Truro, you’ve come to the right place. On this list, we’ve narrowed down the top five things every traveler should see in Truro. Truro Cathedral The crowning gem of Truro, this cathedral is…

  • Bovey Castle in Dartmoor National Park
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    Why You Should Stay at Bovey Castle Hotel in Devon

    The Bovey Castle Hotel is an ideal destination for a holiday escape. Located in the deep forest of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England, this 20th-century mansion is the epitome of luxury. Overnight visitors will be treated to comfortable rooms, world-class cuisine, and an array of on-site activities. Castle Hotels in Devon Although there are many castles in Devon, only a few are open to the public for overnight accommodation. Bickleigh Castle, Tawstock Castle, and Bovey Castle have rooms for visitors interested in spending a night in a historic castle. Out of all the castles in Devon to stay, the Bovey Castle is considered to be the most luxurious. This…