• On New Year's Eve, the fireworks inLondon are set off near the London Eye.

    20+ Fun Facts About The London Eye You Probably Didn’t Know!

    One of the top family attractions in London is a relative recent newcomer which started life as a temporary monument. Now the most popular tourist attraction in London, its hard to believe the London Eye hasn’t always been around. The London Eye is definitely one of the best of England’s new attractions! In honor of the London Eye having been around 20+ years , here are 20+ fun facts about the London Eye you probably didn’t know! 10 Fun Facts About The London Eye The London Eye weighs 1700 tons and is 443 feet high. Each of the 32 capsules weighs 10 tons in itself!! NB The top of the London…

  • ruins of sissinghurst castle
    London,  South East England

    Best Castles in London and Castles Near London To Visit on A Day Trip

    When visiting England, castles in London and castles near London are high on many people’s bucket lists. Although there are not that many castles of London, there are plenty of royal palaces in London. Royal castles of London are the Tower of London and Windsor Castle. If you really want the turret and moat experience of castles, Southeast England offer plenty of opportunities to slip back in time and history. For example, there’s the grandeur of Arundel Castle and Highclere Castle, the prettiness of Leeds Castle and Hever Castle or the atmospheric ruins of Pevensey Castle or Scotney Castle. Note! Castles that are further away in England are on this separate…

  • Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath London

    Kenwood House

    You don’t actually need to leave London to get the whole English country house experience if you are a visitor to London with limited time. In addition to the famed Adam designed library at Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath, the rest of the house is beautiful too! The outside is welcoming with these charming benches set around to appreciate the gardens. After Adam went to the trouble of relocating Hampstead Lane away from the front of the house, it seems only right to make an effort to take in the garden view! Upon entry, you are welcomed by a fire just as if you had entered an 18th century gentleman’s…